Online dating will never be the same!

Flutterate is a new, Patent Pending technology that displays accuracy ratings on the profile pages on ANY dating site, and lets you post your own ratings.

The first people to use this rating system will be providing valuable information for everyone else, but will receive minimal value themselves. These initial ratings, good or bad, will dominate the FlutteRating for these profiles for a while. The Flutterate creators encourage you to remember that “With great power comes great responsibility”. Don’t demolish anyone’s reputation unless they really deserve it.

To see or post FlutteRatings will always be free. Eventually there will be a charge for premium services. We want to thank the original Flutterate members by offering a Free Lifetime Membership to the first 1,000 people who post reviews.

Flutterate in the News

The local ABC affiliate in Dallas recently featured the Flutterate creators as the headliners on Good Morning Texas.

Is Their Profile Accurate?

See accuracy scores (called a FlutteRating) right on profile pages of your favorite dating sites.

Share Your Opinion

Were the people you’ve met on dating sites completely honest? Did they post current pictures? RATE THEM ALL! Your opinion will affect the FlutteRating that appears on their profile pages.

How It Works

Flutterate is a FREE Google Extension that allows a FlutteRating to appear on any profile page of any dating web site. Download the extension using Google Chrome . . . more

How to Get Started

Download The FlutteRate Extension

Using Google Chrome, download the Flutterate extension. (If you don’t have Chrome, Download Chrome for free.)

Download Extension

Sign Up

Click the “Sign Up” link below and fill in a few fields.

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Log On To Any Dating Web Site

Open your favorite dating site using Google Chrome as your Browser. The Flutterate icon will appear in the lower left of each profile page.


What is a FlutteRating?

How is a FlutteRating Calculated?

A FlutteRating (Flutter Rating) summarizes how other users ranked the accuracy of a profile. We use an algorithm that scores factors like: Does this person look like their profile pictures; are they honest in their profile; and Why do you think this person joined a dating site.

Each person’s FlutteRating is not just a summary of the ratings that other people have posted to their profile. Ratings are scored based on every other rating. The average rating will always be around 50, and there will always be the same number of ratings around 20 as there are around 80 or 60 or 90.

How can I improve my FlutteRating?

The easiest way to improve your rating is to be honest when filling out a dating site profile. Post current pictures, be honest about who you are and what you want, and don’t be obnoxious if a date doesn’t go exactly the way you had hoped. We believe there is someone out there for everyone, but you will never find that person if you present yourself as someone you’re not.

A rating can be edited by the person who posted it. If you’re a Flutterate member, we will send you an email if you lose a few points for having out of date pictures or a deceptive profile. If you update your profile you can respond to our email and we will invite the person who posted the review to reevaluate it. (Read More)

Welcome to Flutterate

How to use Flutterate

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