Flutterate was conceived by the staff at ADS Sports Eyewear.  Their office was staffed by several very attractive single women, and a few single guys.  Everyone had tried dating sites. But no one was currently using one. The girls felt there was no way to weed out deceptive predators. The guys thought many of the women they met on dating sites did not resemble their profile. (Actually both men and women had similar experiences with misleading profiles or pictures.)  All agreed that it would take infinitely less time to find what you’re looking for on a dating site if there was some type of Honesty Meter on profile pages.  One person summarized this discussion by saying “We need to create something like Angie’s List for singles”. 

Flutterate is the end result of this discussion.  Our goal is to allow people to comment on the accuracy of profiles posted by people they have met or dated.  Our goal is NOT to score anyone’s performance on a date.  A FlutteRating is primarily a measure of how accurate a profile is. If you narrow your search to a few people you would like to meet, or if you’re not quite sure about someone who seems too good to be true, we hope to provide feedback from other people who have followed through on that exact same thought.