How Does Flutterate Work?

Flutterate Icon on Dating Website

FlutteRatings appear right on the profile pages of your favorite dating sites.

By downloading the free Flutterate extension you will see a FlutteRating appear on the profile pages of any dating web site. This rating summarizes how other people rated the accuracy of this profile. If you’ve gone out with the person in this profile you can click the Flutterate icon and provide your own rating.

Getting started is easy.

First, you need to use the Google Chrome web browser. If you don’t have it, Click Here for a free download. (Browsers like Internet Explorer, Fire Fox, etc. will not show the FlutteRating. You need to use Chrome.)

Using Google Chrome, click this Download Flutterate Extension

FlutteRatings appears right on the profile pages of your favorite dating sites.

Answer a few basic signup questions and you’re ready to go.

Then start surfing dating web sites like Match, eHarmony, Plenty of Fish, and OK Cupid. The Flutterate icon will appear on every profile page. If you don’t see the Flutterate icon on your favorite dating site just let us know. We will add it to our list. (See the current list of dating sites that are Flutterate-Friendly.)

Flutterate Sample Question

Clicking the Flutterate icon brings up a series of questions about the accuracy of this profile page. Your answers will effect the FlutteRating that other people see on this page.

If you’re on a profile page for a person you’ve already gone out with you can click the Flutterate icon and leave your own FlutteRating. You will answer about 10 short questions and have an opportunity to leave a brief comment. (You cannot put a person’s name in the comment.) If you provide this person’s email address or cell phone number your review will have more weight. This confirms that you actually know the person you are reviewing. Reviews are anonymous, but we will text and/or email this person to let them know they have been reviewed.

NOTE: Flutterate is still fairly new. Therefore when you rate someone your opinion may dominate their FlutteRating for a while. Try not to let this go to your head! Don’t assassinate anyone unless they really deserve it.


How is a FlutteRating calculated?

A FlutteRating summarizes how other users ranked the accuracy of a profile and the character of the person. Our algorithm uses input that includes: Does this person look like their profile pictures; are they honest in their profile; and would you take them to your company Christmas party.

Each person’s FlutteRating is not just a summary of the ratings that other people have posted to their profile. Ratings are scored based on every other rating. The average rating will always be around 50, and there will always be the same number of ratings around 20 as there are around 80 or 60 or 90.

How can I improve my FlutteRating?

The easiest way to improve your rating is to be honest when filling out a dating site profile. Post current pictures, be honest about who you are and what you want, and don’t be obnoxious if a date doesn’t go exactly the way you had hoped. We believe there is someone out there for everyone, but you will never find that person if you present yourself as someone you’re not.

A rating can be edited by the person who posted it. If you’re a Flutterate member, we will send you an email if you lose a few points for having out of date pictures or a deceptive profile. If you update your profile you can respond to our email and we will invite the person who posted the review to reevaluate it.

If you feel a review is fundamentally unfair you can certainly tell us why we should take a closer look it. But we are very reluctant to override what our users have posted. Our site and our extension do not reflect our opinion. We post opinions from our users. We do not apologize for exposing people who might be predators or fundamentally deceptive. This is part of the reason why we built this site.

For people who like to over-analyze everything, here’s a little information about the algorithm we use to calculate each score.

  • Individual ratings carry less weight from a person who trashes almost everyone or someone that loves everyone they rate.
  • If they rated you first, your rating will count just a bit less.
  • If you chose to pay to be a Flutterate member we assume you’re a better tipper and a generally considerate person. This will have a small impact on your score.
  • A FlutteRating is more about the accuracy of a profile than how date-worthy a person is.  Accurate information and current pictures posted in a profile have more impact on a FlutteRating than how people rate things like “what type of relationship is this person looking for?”.