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 – Important Privacy Information for Singles –

We believe everyone should be aware of how much of your personal information a predator can find on line. This is especially important for single women. With minimal effort, and without you knowing, anyone can find out things like your name, your birth date, where you live, and who you live with. Here is one way people do this:

If the person you just met, or even a stranger on a roadway, sees the license plate on your car they can look this up on sites like This will give them the name and address of the person who owns the vehicle. By searching for this name under the Driver’s Licenses section of the same site they will find the rest of the information on your driver’s license, like your birth date and driver’s license number. By clicking on your address a person can see the driver’s license information for everyone else at this address. Therefore they will know if you live alone or if you’re married.

The following statement is published on the PublicData web site:

“In that taxpayers enable government to collect information, all citizens should have access to all records and information generated by all levels of government . . .”

We disagree with this statement. We believe individuals should have a right to control access to their private information. The fact that we are required to share information with the government and the police should not make this information accessible to every nut-job and predator on the planet.

We had hoped to end this article with a solution. So we contacted every government agency we could think of that might be able to help. We tried the Attorney General, Department of Public Safety, and local police. We also called every agency or person these departments referred us to. We asked each of them the following question:

“Currently a predator can find out where a woman lives, if she lives alone, if she is married, or if she has a female roommate, all with a license plate number. We believe the only logical advice to give women who want to control access to their personal information is to suggest that they use an alternate address, like a parent’s address, on all public documents. This includes their driver’s license, car registration, voter registration, etc. We want to know if we are advising people to break the law. If it is against the law to use an alternate address on documents that are accessible to the public, what is the penalty for doing so?”

Absolutely no one answered that question.

I’m relatively certain that it is illegal to falsify government documents by using an alternate address. But this is what we recommend to any single woman who lives alone, or who lives with a female roommate. We recommend that you never use your actual address on any document that is a public record. This includes your driver’s license, car registration, voter registration, and professional licenses. We see this as a tradeoff between two unnecessary risks: The risk of being fined for providing an inaccurate address vs. the risk of giving every derelict in town access to your home address and living arrangement.

We welcome your comments. If you have any other ideas, or if you have any experience with this issue please share your thoughts.


– Facial Recognition App Going Mainstream –

Name Tag is a phone app that may soon work with Google Glass. This is a facial recognition app that allows anyone with your picture to look up your profile on Facebook, dating web sites, or a criminal database. Therefore, it can be used to match a picture from a dating web site with your Facebook profile.

The good news is that Name Tag says they will allow people to opt-out of the NameTag database. As soon as they provide a link where this can be done we will post it here.

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